CN: Bondage, orgasm control, degradation, impact play, power dynamics,

Looking down at her,spread and cuffed face down to the frame of the bed,a pillow under her hips leaving her delectable ass in the air,he knew that he was going to enjoy tonight. He leaned in close from the bedside,kissing her cheek as she waited for him. “You know the rule tonight darling. I won’t fuck you until I think you’re wet enough to deserve it,and you’re not allowed to orgasm without asking me first. Other than those simple rules,I think this is going to be fun” He was practically growling in her ear as he reminded her of the parameters of the scene at play.

He took great delight in kissing down her spine,slowly teasing her with his breath and lips,taking his time as he rested one hand on the mattress between her thighs. Making her wait before he touched her vulva or clit or even slid inside her. As he kissed the small of her back,feeling her vertebrae beneath his lips,he grinned at her struggling against the restraints. A fistful of her hair put a stop to that nonsense. “Don’t think you can play the brat in hopes of getting me to fuck you before I think you’ve earned it darling. In fact,I know just what I’m going to do to you right now.” He said with a smirk as he leaned back to unfasten his belt and jeans. He watched her tense as she expected the belt across her exposed cheeks. Instead he leaned over the side of the bed to reach for something outside of her view. Carefully he looped his leather belt around her thigh,trapping something running along her leg and resting against her delicious vulva. Flicking the switch on the wand vibe he had trapped against her perfect cunt,he knew she was going to love and hate this session. With her trapped and teased,He knew that he could take his time to do as he liked. And for now he just wanted to watch and make things worse for the woman he adored. Standing by the side of the bed,his jeans unbuttoned as she looked up at him from the corner of her eye,her head turned towards him as she struggled against the restraints and the pressure of the wand. leaning down to kiss her cheek,he eased his jeans down past his hips. Whispering in her ear that she was his,he slid his boxers past his growing stiffness. Before he stood upright,he sneaked his hand between her thighs to dial the setting on the wand up a notch. The increased intensity of the vibrations made her close her eyes until the impact of his palm on her cheek told her that she was to keep watching. Obediently she complied ,biting the piercing on her lip to keep herself focused as he slowly stroked at his cock. Enjoying making his perfect little cumslut watch,wondering how badly she craved him right now. His left hand gripped around the shaft of his cock as his right struck out against her ass. The open handed slap made a satisfying thud,almost as satisfying as the look on her face as he spanked her. “I think this is going to be fun for me,little one,just remember the rules and you’ll enjoy it too” as his hand reached lower to change the settings on the wand vibe once again,taking the briefest moment to tease a finger at her vulva. She looked up at him,watching,waiting,her lips starting to form a plea for more. More stimulation. More of his touch. More of him. Before she could say anything,before her pretty mouth could form the words,he casually leaned over her to spit on her face. “I don’t think I’m ready to fuck you yet. I might just sit down by the window and watch you tied there.” Cock in hand,saliva on her cheek,he turned his back on her and made his way to the seat by the window.

So there he sat,by the window as he watched her strain and writhe. Wearing nothing,but she fucking wears it so well. He watches her try to rock her hips to get a better angle against the wand vibe,but he knows it’s strapped just where he want it. Touching her,teasing her,driving her wild. He forces a guttural man past his lips as he watches her struggle,knowing how cruel it is for her to hear his enjoyment without being able to participate from across the room. Gripping his cock tighter,stroking slowly and planning how he was going to enjoy her later. Once she asked nicely enough. Once he thinks she’s ready and deserving. But part of him hopes she’ll forget,and that he’ll have to think of something to reprimand her for breaking the rules. “How badly do you need my cock now? Do you think you’re wet enough to have earned it yet?” He growled from across the room as he watches her try to rock her hips trying to get the angle she craves.

He watches and waits as the signs become more obvious,her voice staining as she pleads for his touch. For his tongue. For his cock. Her wrists turn in the restraints as she clutches at the bars of the headboard. And he watches as she bites into the pillow, lost in the moment. He watched as she forgot the only rule of the evening. He watches as her orgasm takes her and he wants to taste her,to feel her cunt around him. But she did not ask permission. All she had to do was ask. But she didn’t. Now he knew what she needed. Punishment. Punishment for losing herself in the moment and forgetting the rules.

“That was foolish little one” He growls as he closes the distance between them. “All you had to do was ask” he continues as he straddles the back of her thighs. “When have I ever been able to resist seeing you come for me?” he whispers with a fistful of her hair. “All you had to do was ask” as he kisses her neck,and dials the wand vibe to full strength. “But since you couldn’t play by the rules,why don’t we see how much you can handle now. I think I’m just going to sit here and wait for you to beg for my cock. And then,I might just wank into you. Or maybe I’ll just use you as a whimpering little fucktoy. I guess we’ll see darling.” He gently kisses her cheek as he feels the wand buzzing between her legs,feeling her hips press against him

Sharing pt 1


It had long been on her list of desires,and they’d talked about it from time to time over the years but never acted on it for one reason or another. That year he decided it was definitely going on the agenda,they were getting more experimental in their sex sessions,and the time was ripe to add another woman to their bed.

Finding a suitable guest for the encounter was tricky,as was finding the right time for it to take place. Fortunately aesthetics weren’t an issue as they had always shared a similar taste in women. As varied as those tastes were,there had always been some overlap. It took a few attempts,one or two casual meetings that lacked chemistry before they found the willing guest to invite into their bedroom antics. An ad on an adult orientated site had led to them meeting,but until she saw their guest playing with her blonde hair and smiling across the table of the coffee house they had met at, R hadn’t been sure about the whole idea moving from fantasy into reality. Now she felt a grin tugging on her own lips,thinking about the fun that lay ahead. Even as she kissed her goodbye,R felt a thrill from feeling a nipple piercing pressing against her,and unexpected bonus to proceedings. Arrangements made,they two ladies parted ways for the time being.

The night of the encounter arrived,and he had glasses of imported bubbly poured for the ladies,a bourbon old fashioned for himself whilst R was in the shower. The bedroom was set but he felt the need to sit and relax before sharing the woman he adored. Open minded though he was,sometimes jealousy could kick in unexpectedly He and R had already discussed limits with N,going over certain ground rules to try to keep everyone at ease. . He heard R finish up in the shower,and grinned as he saw her exiting the bathroom in a sheer white nightgown that he always loved seeing her in. He had just handed her a glass when the buzzer went,announcing the arrival of their guest for the evening.

R made herself comfortable whilst He buzzed N up,unlocking the door to greet her. A welcoming hug and a quick kiss on the cheek were enough to hide his sudden onset of shyness. N made her way to the sofa beside R and leaned in for a far more adventurous kiss as N undid the ties of her overcoat. Whatever was on display clearly worked for R as she grinned,pulling N closer as she did so. Finding himself somewhat surplus to current requirements,He made himself at ease on the other sofa and settled back to enjoy the view of the woman he adored worshipping another woman. The glass cradled in his hand was enough of a distraction to settle his nerves as R kissed the throat of their guest before slowly making her way downwards. A glint of colour between his lover’s thighs caught his eye in the dim candlelight. Being the tease that she was,she was wearing her jewelled plug and had painted her nails to match. K leaned forward on the sofa to get a better view as her fingers tapped against the plug and her waiting cunt. He watched eagerly as she slid her fingertip along her vulva,almost beckoning him closer before wagging her finger to tell him “No,not yet” as N ran her fingers through his lover’s hair,leaving him to watch on the sidelines,sipping on his bourbon and trying to ignore the growing stiffness in his jeans.

K sat,watching impatiently,as R pushed the thighs of N wider apart. R was clearly revelling in the task at hand because K could see her fingers slick with her juices as they worked at her vulva. Fucking hell did he love that sight. It wasn’t long before K found himself reaching for a condom to slip on and join the ladies as they moved from the sofa to the bedroom…

K’s memories of the following hours were a tangle of limbs and snapshots of the action unfolding,his clearest memory being that of fucking R in her throat as her head hung off the side of the bed whilst N was sucking on her clit. He was happy to let the ladies dictate the pace,this was R’s evening and he was more than satisfied watching it unfold to her pleasure
After their guest had left,he crawled back into bed,nestling behind her naked curves,his body fitting perfectly as it always had. His hand found hers as he kissed her neck,a grin on his lips as he slid back into her. Some things were just too good to share…


CN: restraints, edging, orgasm denial,


There he sat on the sofa,legs apart with the woman he adored kneeling before him. He’d been instructed to keep his hands clasped behind his head as she wanted to indulge a fantasy of hers. The bag she was keeping on the floor and out of sight had his curiosity piqued,but she would go at her own pace. That much he knew for sure. He struggled to resist the urge to brush her hair from her face as she kissed along the in seam of his denims,the corners of her lips turning upwards as she read his frustration in the way his thighs tensed the closer she got to his crotch. He loved that view of her,even as she requested that he close his eyes as she brought her first surprise out to play. He felt her reaching underneath his shirt,the heel of her palm pressing on his sternum. Then she growled as she ran an exceptionally sharp object down his torso. “Now,now mister, don’t you dare open your eyes just yet” she practically purred as she felt him squirm,taking her times as she worked loose the buttons at his waistband and the buttons of his fly with her unclawed hand. His breath caught in his throat as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. The anticipation made him throb as she brushed her lips against the shaft of him,exhaling against his stiffness. With his eyes closed,hands behind his head,he could only guess what she would do next to tease him. The sharp edges of whatever was on her finger were carefully running along his waist line,teasingly,slowly,painfully,deliciously. “Stand up,your jeans are getting in the way of my fun” She demanded. “But don’t think that’s permission to open your eyes mister,I’m still planning to make you wait before you get to enjoy the view” He struggled to his feet,painfully aware of his lack of balance with his eyes still closed. He knew she was enjoying having him off kilter,even more so as he felt her leaning back. He could almost picture her kneeling there,enjoying the sight of having him at her mercy. He was almost ready to risk sneaking a peek when he felt that sharp edge of the claw resting somewhere uncomfortable. Followed by her cinching something tight around his balls and the base of his shaft. His head rolled back against the sofa as R moved up to press her body against him,his stiffness painful between them. “I think you’re too close to misbehaving Mister,i think we should do something about that.” She whispered in his ear as she took told of his wrist. Curious as he was,he kept his eyes closed, sticking by her requirements for this evening. This was her game and he wasn’t going to fuck it up if he could help it. Not even when she pulled his other hand behind his head. Any thoughts of resistance vanished from his mind as the awkward position pressed her cleavage against his lips. She wriggled slightly,struggling with something behind his head,almost as though she was…fuck,she was. She was tying his wrists to his biceps,trapped behind his head as surely as his cock and balls were trapped by the cock ring she had cinched in place barely minutes beforehand. She had him where she wanted him,but he wasn’t entirely helpless. As she tightened the restraints,what felt like silk ribbons,he took advantage of her positioning to kiss her breasts,hoping to get to bite her nipple. Blind and restrained,he missed but was still rewarded by the gasp of pleasure from her throat as his teeth scraped along her flesh. His satisfaction was fleeting as she violently pushed his head back before playfully slapping his cheek. “Not yet,maybe if you give me what I want you can have your fun with me later” She chided. “Now stay still,and keep your eyes closed until is tell you otherwise” “Yes R. as you wish” was his simple reply before settling back in his place,admonished into obedience by the woman he so adored.

K had barely closed his eyes and leaned back once again before he felt her teeth sinking into his clavicle,her fingers gripping his jawline to keep him in place. Her hand sliding down between their bodies to grip him tightly,making it clear that she knew what she wanted,and that he was hers to enjoy as she wished. K moaned as she bit harder,her grip sliding along his cock,making him want her all the more. “I want you so fucking badly” He groaned between ragged gasps of pain and lust. Her only response was to kiss and bite and tease down his chest and sternum,working her hand slowly down his thick shaft until her lips wrapped around him at last.. slowly she stroked at his throbbing,trapped cock. Delighting in teasing him,at making him shudder as she swallowed as much as she could handle. Deeper,further,gripping him tighter. Her tongue coated in his excitement as she heard him gasp,heard his lips begging for more. His voice cracking as he gets closer to the brink,her lips around the head of his cock,sucking,and teasing,and waiting. Working her hand along the shaft,feeling his pulse quicken at the tip of her tongue…and then stopping. She knelt back as she watched his cock twitch helplessly close to the orgasm she wasn’t letting him have just yet. She grinned as he cursed her for the tease she was. He felt her grip tighten as his cock throbbed,aching for release. “I think you can open your eyes soon mister. Maybe once you count down from twenty. Aloud though,no cheating or we start all over again”

“Yes darling. Twenty” he grinned as she brought her lips back to the tip of his cock.

“Nineteen” he moaned she she took his cock back in her perfect mouth.

“Eighteen” as she worked her hand along the shaft.

“Seventeen…oh fuck” as her lips wrapped around his eager cock.

“Sixteen” he gasped as she began to deep throat him.

“fifteen” As she came up for air,her hand stroking faster.

“Fourteen” as she ran her tongue through his precum.

“Thirteen” as she looked up at him with her mouth full of cock.


“Eleven” as he struggled to concentrate.

“Ten. Oh fuck,i need to cum.” as she sucked deeper and harder and faster.

“Nine” as he gasped for breath.

“Eight” as he rocked his hips,pushing closer to the brink.

“Seven” as she cupped his balls with her free hand.

“S…Six” as he felt his orgasm building

“Five” as he tried to hold on.

“Four” as he fought against the restraints.

“Three” as she pushed him back against the sofa.

“Two” as he lot control

“One! Oh fuck,don’t stop” as his head rolled back and his orgasm burst onto her tongue. His cock trembling with each spurt,her lips gripping him tighter as she worked to suck every last drop from him. He opened his eyes as his orgasm subsided,feeling drained but still trapped in the cock ring she’d put him in earlier,not to mention the ties binding his arms. He looked down at the woman he adored,with her mouthful of his cum and smiled at her…until she spat his load back onto his stomach and cock. She wiped her lips with the back of her before grinning up at him like the brat she was. “What? That better not be all you’re planning to cum for me tonight? I’m barely getting started…”


Note: This scene is the follow-up to “Keys”



He reached down to help her to her feet as she slid the last of her dress from her legs,revealing lace underwear that threatened to keep him standing to attention despite the recent exertions. He loved how her breasts looked,splattered as they were with his cum,loved the look on her face as she turned her back to him and started to walk towards the bathroom. Trying to follow her took more effort than he expected,finding his legs somewhat unsteady after the force of his orgasm.. He slipped his shirt off,swiftly followed by his jeans and boxers as he heard the shower warming up,various plots and schemes for payback running through his head. He discarded his clothes carelessly in the direction of the sofa. Tidying up was a problem best left for tomorrow. Tonight was for enjoying. So there he stood,naked,leaning against the door frame looking at her. Wearing next to nothing but wearing it so well as she wiped his cum from her nipples at the washbasin. He watched the smile on her reflection as he closed the gap between them,his arms around her midriff in a fashion that left his fingertips brushing the waistline of her underwear. His lips brushed against his ear before whispering “Why don’t we finish that job in the shower darling?” She looked up at him via the mirror,nodding softly as he slipped his fingers underneath the lace,easing the fabric from her hips. He bit down on her shoulder as he let the fabric fall past her knees. Angling his feet between hers,he applied enough pressure to slowly part her thighs,his hands gradually working from her hips to her pubis as she stood exposed and waiting. Her eyes barely open as his kisses traced up her neck. Slight pressure brought her hips back from the edge of the wash basin,pressing the curve of her ass against him. Then he smirked as she gasped in shock from the slap of his hand against her cunt. That gasp turned to the barest of moans as he stroked her clit with one hand,the other cupping her breast and pinching a nipple between two knuckles. The feeling of her wetness against his fingertips,the stiffening of her nipple,the resurgent rigidity of his cock,. All signs that indicated that they should get in the shower before distractions overtook them. Thankfully it was a short transition from the washbasin to the shower,the water cascading over them as she turned towards him,their lips meeting as his hands wandered along her curves. Looking down at her between kisses,he savoured the view,drinking it in no matter how many times he’d seen it. He wound his fingers through a handful of her hair before pulling her head to the side,exposing her neck to his lips. Biting down,he felt her shudder,the beginnings of a moan in her throat vibrating against his lips. His right hand gripped tighter,using the handful of hair to keep her in place as his left teased between her thighs. It wasn’t long before he felt her teeth sinking into his chest as her orgasm built to a crescendo. She was panting as her jaw relaxed from the furrows she had left on his chest,as he looked down at her and smiled. She was so fucking gorgeous at times like this,cheeks flushed from her enjoyment,nails scraping along his spine as she craved more. He knew she was almost as insatiable as he tended to be,but even as his cock ached for her cunt he reminded himself that this was about her enjoyment. About taking her to the limit and making her cum repeatedly. He had already enjoyed feeling one gloriously messy orgasm spill from his cock,he could wait for another.

Now he pressed his lips against hers before twisting his grip to turn her away from him,her nipples trapped against the cold tiles that had escaped the cascade of water from the shower head.. He grinned as she shuddered from the increased sensitivity thanks to her post orgasm flushes,pressing his forearm against the back of her neck to pin her in place. “I’m not done with you yet,little one,not by a long shot.” He whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek.. Savouring her anticipation,he took his time kissing down her spine,altering his grip as he slowly sunk to his knees as his lips settled on her lower back. His free hand traced invisible patterns amongst the water streams coming between their bodies as he teased between her thighs. He couldn’t resist biting into the soft curve of her ass cheek as his fingers brushed her labia,teeth digging deeper as his thumb slid between her lips. His forearm pressed against the base of her spine,keeping the woman he adored pinned against the cold tiles whilst he worshipped at the alter of her orgasms. He kept a fingertip resting on her clit as his thumb slid deeper,searching for the feeling of that spot which would leave her weak at the knees. A sudden desire struck him as his lips moved across the curve of her ass,moving from one cheek to the other with the original intention of making an identical mark on the other side. Instead he pause with his lips between the base of her spine and her tailbone. His thumb kept working in circles inside her even as his tongue slipped between the crevice of her ass.. Teasing lower with his tongue was turning him on more than he had expected it to,the tip of it wandering around her sphincter,giving her time to stop him if she so wished. Instead her moans and positive assertions led to him working harder,circling deeper until she shuddered from the experience of having his tongue in her ass and his thumb on her g-spot. It was such a different experience from tonguing her perfect cunt,from the taste to the tightness. But as he worked his tongue deeper into her,worshipping as much of her as he could,he could feel the shudders building. The muscle spasms. The quickening of her breath as her legs grew unsteady. He kept the pressure with his thumb inside her as his tongue worked harder and faster,feeling her clenching tighter around him until it happened. Even kneeling in the shower he couldn’t help but grin at making her squirt. He carefully rose from his knees as she struggled to stand against the tiles. Even the slightest touch as she turned to lean into him seemed to prolong her shuddering. “Well,that was something new,but I dare say we both found it fun” He remarked. “Maybe” she replied with a coy smile “But I think we should get into bed before we do anything else”

As you wish darling,as you wish”

Before Reality

Before Reality

She was always “the one”,that person that no matter the years or how things changed for either of us,that spark was always going to be there. Over the years since we’d broken up and drifted apart there’d been times where it was obvious that the chemistry was still there. It was far too easy for our innocent conversations to turn flirtatious or downright filthy. And I’m not sure I would,nor even could,have it any other way.

There was a while recently when She’d been having problems in her personal life,and we ended up spending many hours talking so late into the night it was early in the morning. And on a few occasions the conversation turned to sex. And suddenly the desire was there. From nothing to a burning desire to taste her,to feel her skin against mine,to kiss every inch of her from head to toe,albeit spending considerably more time paying attention to certain areas than others. But the moment passed…or so I thought…

Fast forward a month or two and She’s in the same city as me,having a catch up with my sister and they’re getting drunk. I went to meet up with them after work and just enjoyed the evening in the company of the two of them. A few times over the evening I caught myself looking at her,our feet brushing against each others legs and I found myself just wanting to kiss those soft lips of hers. And unaware to my sister,there were a few flirty text sent between us until I’d to go an play taxi for my best friend. I agreed I’d pick my sister up afterwards and bade the pair of them goodbye,leaving them happily drinking in the hotel bar. A few hours later,I’d picked up my best friend and we’d joined the two drunken females in the hotel room to chill out. At some point I’d mentioned we should head off soon because I was feeling tired and She joked that the bed was just through the wall and I was welcome to it. Somehow I refused that offer,and made it home with my sister and best friend safely deposited in their respective domiciles. Then the texting started again. Both of us agreed that it was a shame for a hotel bed to be used without it being defiled. And then She sent a pic of Her bent over on a bed and fully exposed. As always the sight of Her got me going,and I responded with a picture of the reaction it got. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t been working the next morning,I’d have happily spent the rest of that night inside Her. But once again the moment passed,and She cursed me for playing hard to get.

Then one night,tired and beat up from training,I got a text from Her saying She’d be at the hotel once again that night. For all She’d accused me of playing hard to get,that was all it took for my mind to be made up. A quick drive into the city and I was sitting in the hotel bar with her,noting the lack of wedding ring on her finger,the curves of her body,the slight nervousness to her smile. She finished sipping at her drink before we headed up to her hotel room. In the elevator,I revelled in the closeness of her,her smell,that spark between us,the butterflies in my stomach that I almost never feel. I wasn’t even that nervous flying to Australia to meet my ex girlfriend for the first time. Maybe it’s because She always brought out the best in me,so I always held myself to a higher standard with Her,especially sexually. Maybe it’s because of how much I learned about sex when I was with Her,maybe it’s because I always thought She deserved the very best I could give her in every possible way. I don’t really remember the walk from the elevator to her room,but then we were sitting on the sofa,my arms around her as we chatted and just enjoyed each others company. Just being so close to her got the blood rushing and my cock stiffening as we kissed and my hands started to wander. Suddenly I found myself kneeling between the sofa and the small table,her legs spreading before me as I kissed up her thighs. Oh god,that perfect taste of her,even through the fabric of her underwear,looking up at her as my lips pressed against her before tugging the underwear aside to slide my tongue along her labia,savouring in the taste and feel of her. Some things never change,and that taste of her was exactly as I remembered. Sucking on her clit as I eased a finger into her,feeling that slight tremble in her legs as I added a second into her tight wetness. Then She was pushing me away until we found ourselves stripping off at the bed. I knew I was hard and thick at the thought of her,but the sight and taste and feel of her had me engorged above my normal standards. We found ourselves on the bed,with her straddling my stomach as I sucked on her nipples,feeling them stiffen in my mouth as my tongue worshipped them. I had other things in mind though,and slid my arms under her hips before pretty much manhandling her into position over my face. She seemed surprised at the ease with with I pulled her up there,but any comments were lost as she felt my tongue inside her. I’ve always been a fan of cunnilingus,but being with Her made me love it. So it was with great delight that I fucked my tongue into her,licking,teasing,tasting and adoring every inch of her pussy that I could reach and worship with my tongue. My hands focused on her breasts and ass as I sucked on her clit,loving the look on her face as it was swelling between my lips,then tasting her juices as they soaked my tongue. I could have stayed there for hours if she’d let me,but as her moans reached a crescendo she toppled to the side. I immediately moved to kiss her,letting her taste her own wetness as I remarked that I always loved the taste of her. I could feel her legs shaking against my body as I kissed her and slid my length into her. God it felt so good feeling her tight around me,feeling her full of my cock,watching her wince and yet moan as she felt her tight,wet,perfect pussy stretch to fit my thickness inside her. Her hips bucked against mine as we kissed and fondled each other,our bodies finding a rhythm after so long apart. Her tightness gripping me,holding me,pulling me closer and closer. I found my orgasm approaching far quicker than I expected,but being inside her had that effect on me. I knew I was past the point of no return,so I just kept thrusting into her wetness until I felt my cum spurt deep inside of her. Spurt after spurt after spurt flooding into her,our juices mixing as my cock twitched and her pussy trembled.

Sliding out of her,I knew I would still be hard,that I wouldn’t need much of a breather if she wanted round two. I rolled onto my back,and she turned with me,leaning over me to kiss me before teasing her hands over my body. Kissing from my mouth,to my throat,along my collarbone in a way she always knew would drive me wild. Then she switched sides,angling herself to kiss lower. Down my chest and stomach,her hand wrapped around the base of my still stiff cock. Teasing her tongue over the head,lapping the last drops of my cum from my cock before taking the head of it in her perfect mouth. Then she looked up at me,moving away from my cock only enough to tell me that we taste amazing before taking half my length in her mouth,suck and swirling her tongue around till I was rock hard and desperate to feel my cock deep inside her wetness again. The look in her eyes told me she felt the same,as she eased her grip around my cock,teasing her fingers over my smooth shaven balls before moving to straddle me. I felt her grind her slick labia against my shaft,the wetness of both our juices coating the contact between our flesh. I sat up to kiss her deeply,my arms wrapping around her as the angle changed,my cock spreading her pussy once more,sliding in as she kissed back with equal passion and desire,her fingers teasing through my hair as my hands ran down her spine to cup her always spankable ass. Gripping tight to the curves of her body as she lowered herself down onto me. My fingers spreading her ass and labia wide as I slid deep into her,filling her soaking wet pussy with as much cock as she could handle. God I loved how she made me feel when we were like this. So close,so in synch,such a perfect fit. I’d do anything in bed that she wanted from me,and had told her as much once when we were both far too drunk. As she slid up and down on my cum covered cock,well lubricated in her juices and my orgasm,I found my fingertips teasing at her ass. Slowly circling a finger as we kissed and she moaned. I felt her pussy tighten as the teasing increased in tempo,my finger easing gently into her ass. I loved feeling myself in all three of her holes. My tongue in her mouth,my finger in her tight ass and my throbbing cock deep inside that absolutely perfect pussy of hers. She was rocking her hips to grind against me,my finger teasing a tiny bit deeper as her clit pressed against me. I kissed down her throat to take her nipple between my teeth. Biting down enough to make her gasp as I thrust upwards,slamming deep into her. I wanted to fuck her time after time after time until neither of us could muster the energy to move. I wanted to kiss her from head to toe. I wanted to fill her to bursting with as many loads of cum as I could. I wanted to make her cum and fall asleep with her in my arms,only to wake up and start again. I sucked harder on her nipple as I started to lean back,arching my back to grind against her clit some more. I was using my finger to gently fuck her ass,not too deep but enough to keep her moaning as she felt both her pussy and ass stretch to handle me. She was moving faster now,moaning louder that she wanted me to cum,that she needed me to cum,and I was all too happy to oblige. I felt my orgasm explode with such force that the cum was already dripping from her as my cock tensed inside her. She was shaking,shuddering as she felt me struggle to catch my breath beneath her,my cock still inside her as I thrust to spurt the last few drops into her. She eventually rolled off to lay face down on the bed beside me,so I took my time to run my fingers down her spine with a teasing massage. I was never really able to keep my hands off her and that night was no exception…

We’d once had a discussion about the best and worst things about each other in bed,and I was certainly living up to her complaint that I’m insatiable that night. Two orgasms deep inside her and I still needed more. My teasing massage worked lower down her spine as I moved to straddle the back of her thighs,keeping her face down on the bed with her legs pinned between mine. My stiffness pressing against the soft curve of her ass,me kissing the back of her neck as I angled to tease her labia with the head of my cock. Feeling her tight,even soaking wet with cum dripping from her pussy,I slid in slowly. Even after hours of being in bed together,she still shuddered as my cock filled her,slowly feeling her take every last inch of me. I kept kissing her neck and spine,moaning in her ear how incredible she felt underneath me,how much I loved being deep inside her. She slid her hand underneath us as I kisses her neck,fingering her clit as I filled her pussy. I could feel her fingertips against my shaft as I slid in and out of her eager wetness. Time ceased to matter,even the music playing from her iPad stopped registering in my brain. All that mattered was me and her,so close and fully enjoying each other. Even after I finally came and slid out of her,I still felt that I wasn’t done. She ended up taking me in her mouth again,and I think my brain stopped working. She was always that good at giving head. My god,what a talent she has there,one that words will never do justice to.

We ended up alternating between sex and laying wrapped in each others arms,just talking and enjoying being where we were. I remember with equal vividness laying on my side between her legs and teasing her clit as I gazed up on the sight of her enjoying my skills,and us laying face to face,just kissing and resting with our bodies entwined. In the end,she rolled over so I could nestle in behind her,holding her close as we both dozed off…

I dozed uneasily,as comfortable as I was with her in naked in my arms,at the back of my head was the melancholy thought that it couldn’t last. No matter how much we enjoyed that night,morning would bring reality with it and she’d be going home to her husband and we’d go back to being friends. If she’d have asked,I’d have done anything to be with her again,but I knew she wouldn’t. And while it still hurt when we had to return to reality,it was for the best. Even a hopeless romantic can only delude himself for so long. So this is a tale of one night where normal rules didn’t apply,where we stepped back in time,where we were two people who had loved each other and longed for each other. One last night before reality sent us on our separate paths once more…



The sensation of being restrained was new to him,for various reasons handcuffs or rope had never been on the table with previous partners. Maybe he had thought it’d feel claustrophobic and it would throw off how everything felt at the wrong time. Maybe it was a lack of trust. But not with her. When she’d jokingly raised the concept after a few shots of tequila,he found the prospect intriguing and somewhat arousing. So there he lay,hands behind his head,cords of rope knotted around his biceps and wrists before looping down across his chest and waist,ending with his ankles tied to the legs of the bed beneath them. The vulnerability he felt was startling,especially as she took his nipple between her teeth and bit down gently. Her teeth clamped harder as she hear the moan escaping his lips,her fingernails scratching down his sides and the outside of his thighs. She took great delight in the quickening of his breath,not to mention the stiffening of his cock as she kissed down his sternum,pausing with her lips on his diaphragm as she turned her nail to his inner thighs. Scratching agonisingly higher,slowly,teasingly,playfully. She angled her left hand underneath his balls,feeling his trepidation as she stroked the ridge of flesh there. “I hope you haven’t cheated and broken your promise to me. How long has it been since your last orgasm now?” she asked,knowing full well that it was at least three days ago,if he’d kept his word. Which from the instantaneous build up of pre-cum from his erection,he seemed to have. She paused with her mouth just short of touching his cock,waiting for his answer. “It’s been four days. You challenged me in the middle of a wank on Tuesday,so I stopped…” His reply was interrupted by the feeling of her tongue swirling around the head of his cock,her hand slowly moving up and down the shaft,bringing his foreskin to the ridge f the head and back down to full exposure. She knew to make sure her tongue touched on the scars from his circumcision,a feeling that always made him shudder. And then she stopped all contact,leaving him prone and frustrated and painfully erect.

“We don’t want you popping your cork so soon now,do we? I hope you’re comfortable in those ropes,because tonight you’re my plaything and nothing more.” she taunted as she crawled over him until her knees were resting at his armpits,leaving him looking up at her shaven cunt,desperate for a taste and yet denied as she moved her hand between her thighs. She slowly circled her fingertip around her clit,drawing back the hood to make him watch as it started to swell from her teasing. Her free hand pinched her nipple as he stared up at her from beneath her thighs. Damn she was enjoying this,she thought,as she slid a single finger between her labia,forcing his attention back to her pussy. He was licking his lips,eager for taste as he watched her juices glisten on her finger. There was no chance of her indulging him this early in her enjoyment,she thought,as he watched her fingers sliding into her wetness. Slowly parting her labia as she teased deeper and faster. And then stopped. She didn’t want either of them hitting the brink just yet. “How much more of this do you think you can take? How evil are you going to let me be?” She asked,loving the flare of defiance in his eyes as he relished the challenge. “Let’s see how far things can go then” was all he replied as she slid down his chest to kiss his neck. Her hips angling lower as her hand between her thighs took grip of his stiffness and held it steady as she lowered herself onto him. Letting herself take every inch of him slowly into her cunt, before raising back up to hold the head of it between her labia. A motion she repeated a few times until she was satisfied that his excitement was building,his cock tensing inside her as her clit ground against his pubis. She broke off from kissing him by pressing her forearm against his throat,keeping him pinned to the bed as she started kissing lower once again,switching to the classic straight choke the lower she got. A tight grip,but not asphyxiating. Not yet. For now,she wanted to taste her juices on him Taking her time to lick his cock clean,those slow and deliberate swipes of her tongue down his shaft until she took one of his balls in her mouth,a feeling that made him shudder…until he felt her free hand slipping underneath his scrotum,pressing against his ass. Fingertip circling as her tongue lavished attention on his testes,his moaning interrupted by a gasp as she entered him. A deep,intense,focussed feeling of everything going on flooded him,from the throbbing of his pulse,to her exploring his ass and pushing past boundaries they’d never explored. She looked up at him,his cock throbbing,his breathing ragged,as she teased deeper inside him until she found a depth she was comfortable staying at,,something she thought he could handle as she took his cock back into her mouth. The taste of his pre-cum sliding over her tongue as she tormented him,just the slightest of movements from her fingers to enhance the sensations. Usually she knew hos far he could push him with her oral talents,,but between the four days of build up,and the added stimulation she was having to pay close attention to make sure he didn’t cum just yet. She had a few more things in mind before she let him go that far..Keeping that in mind,she slowed her pace,taking the time to savour the taste of his excitement,the torment on his face showing how badly he needed this climax. “Not quite yet lover boy,I haven’t decided where I want your orgasm yet” she teased,sliding her finger out of him before wrapping her lips around his cock once again,steadily working her tongue around the scarred head of his cock,lapping up the pre-cum and teasing him by swallowing around his cock. She worked up to a slow and steady rhythm,paying close attention to his moans and his breathing,not to mention the throbbing of his cock as she gripped tightly around the base. She was loving tormenting him with every swirl of her tongue,every twist of her hand working up his shaft as she tasted his excitement building once again. She almost let him reach that crescendo. Almost. Not yet she decided as she let go,leaving his rigidity hanging painfully in the air before falling back against his stomach. She knelt there,watching the spasms across his balls of yet another orgasm she had denied him,cutting him off just before that point of explosion. She had made up her mind about where and when she was going to allow him to cum,now it was time to see it through. Her right hand snaked along the underside of his jaw as she moved to reposition herself,fingers clasping t the knots behind his neck as she straddled him. Her left hand wandered between her thighs,,guiding his stiffness back into her before she moved to press her forearm across his carotid artery,leaning her weight into the stranglehold as her hips worked her wetness up and down the length of his cock. She watched the flaring of his nostrils,the defiance in his eyes as he realised what she was doing. He knew this choke hold,had taught it to her in fact as a self defence trick,so she knew he could angle his neck to reduce the pressure if need be. Sneaky,devious even,he always loved that about her. For now he let her control the tightness of the choke,rotating her wrist to drive it further,then easing off as she thrust him deep back inside of her. She was trying to keep him on the brink,both of orgasm and asphyxiation,all the while feeling the building pressure of her own orgasm A breath in,then an increase of pressure as she felt him start to shudder,. Faster,deeper,tighter. Everything drew into focus as they both lost control. “Cum for me,that’s it. You know what I need right now” she purred in his ear. Her grip relaxed as her lips pressed against his,tongues meeting as his orgasm flooded into her. Spurt after spurt after spurt. Clearly he had kept his word and been building up to this for a while,even now she could feel it overflowing from them,pooling down around the base of his shaft as the after waves of her orgasm left her laying prone atop him,her chest against his as she kissed his throat before leaning her head against his neck,just savouring the feeling of the mess they had made together. Trembling fingers fumbled with the series of knots behind his head as she slowly and tenderly eased herself off his cum-soaked cock,feeling the last waves of her orgasm drip more of his cum from between her labia.


James’ keys had barely left the lock before she pressed herself against him,her hand teasing through his hair before pulling his lips down to meet hers. Sliding her thigh up the outside of his,hooking her calf behind his knee to pull him even closer as her tongue teased his. He found his hand sliding up to the lower edge of her dress,teasing the border between fabric and flesh as she pressed closer to him. A slight shift of her hips and he found himself pressed back against the wall,his growing stiffness straining against his jeans as she kissed down his throat whilst his hands wandered further up her well toned thighs. He felt her moan with her lips on his adam’s apple as his fingertips slipped beneath the laced fabric of her underwear,sliding around the curve of her ass,pulling her closer against his readily apparent excitement. A sharp tug on the hair at the nape of his neck snapped his head back as she teased her teeth further down her throat,quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt to allow herself more access to teasing him. A gasp escaped her lips as his fingers slid between her legs,brushing her labia before she moved his hand away. “Now now loverboy,there’s plenty of time for that” She almost purred as she undid the buttons of his jeans,kissing down his torso,releasing her grip on his hair as she slid to her knees,playfully teasing her tongue down his abdomen as her nails scratched at the waist of his jeans and boxers. She looked up at him at the exact moment her lips wrapped around the head of his cock,tasting his excitement as she pushed on his hips to keep him flat against the wall. She was going to enjoy this,she thought,as she flicked her tongue across the pre-cum dripping from his slit, that perfect salinity that left her craving more. On her knees yet in control. She did like that feeling,looking up at him and knowing she had him wrapped around her finger. That before long he would practically beg her to do anything except stop. At which point,of course,she would. With her forearm pressing his hips back against the wall she leant back to look up at him,the lust and frustration leaving his cheeks flushed and his breathing erratic. She took great delight in teasing her fingernails across his scrotum before taking a firm grip f the base of his shaft,her lips poised a mere fraction of an inch from where he needed her to be. Close enough that the breeze of her exhalations was driving him wild. His hips strained against her forearm,desperate for more but knowing that she would only let him push so far. This was her game and he would have to play by her rules if he wanted to see it to completion. And as her lips took another taste of his precum,he wanted nothing more than for her to continue having her wicked way with him. His head rolled back against the wall as she took a slow and deep taste of him,her lips meeting where her fingers gripped him tightly before she switched to taking short and sharp sucks,her lips barely passing the head of his cock. She took great delight in holding him prone,her teeth barely grazing the sensitive and saliva soaked head of his cock as she tormented him with the sensation of her swallowing every drop of precum leaking from him. She could feel him tensing beneath her grip,getting closer to a point she wasn’t quite ready for,s she eased off for a moment or two,just letting the tip of her tongue tease its way over him until he regained his composure. She finally removed her forearm from his hips,letting go of the grip her left hand had help on his cock as well. Lips still kissing the tip of his cock,she slowly unzipped the back of her dress,pulling down the straps to let her breasts free,just visible to him as he looked down at her on her knees. “Are you ready to give me what I want?” she asked,rhetorically as it turned out,because she never gave him a chance to respond before taking as much of his length as she could manage,one hand clamped around the base,the other teasing his balls as she moaned his her mouth full of him,her tongue flat along the underside of his cock. She quickly developed a rhythm that she knew he couldn’t survive for long,slow and deep replaced by fast and shallow,all of her attention on the nerve laden head of his cock. She could taste his excitement building to a crescendo,his breathless shuddering all the warning she got as she pulled back and aimed his orgasm towards her cleavage. Spurt after spurt after spurt cascaded across her collarbone,dripping down to coat her stiff nipples. James sagged back against the wall,spent,as he watched her look over the mess he had made. “Well loverboy,how about a shower to clean me up?” she quipped as she rose to her feet. “Then maybe afterwards you can try to get some payback…”